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Special Events
Nancy Barrow July 09, 2010 Niece of Ruth Adams
Jerry Bass July 19, 2014 Uncle of Barbara Sachs Senn
Cecelia Shainsky Cohen July 23, 1973 Sister of Muriel Robbins
Murray Davis July 20, 2012 Father of Beverly Levine
Joseph Del Priore July 17, 1995 Brother-in-law of Sy Lenz
Barry Evans July 19, 2012 Husband of Judy Evans
Julian Feiler July 03, 2007 Uncle of Amy Alper
Marilyn Garber July 05, 2000 Mother of Karen Garber
Dave Gold July 07, 1997 Grandfather of Scott Feinstein
Sarah Gold July 04, 2001 Grandmother of Scott Feinstein
Betty Hochstadt July 14, 1989 Mother of Adley Hochstadt
Mitchell Hochstadt July 20, 1990 Son of Adley Hochstadt
Doris Kahn July 01 Mother of Philip Kahn
Doreen McKay Lenz July 12, 1988 Daughter-in-law of Sy & Harriet Lenz
Esther Lisses July 29, 2006 Sister of Cyl Levy
Seymour Loewy July 03, 1986 Brother of Harriet Lenz
Erwin Lutolf July 04, 2009 Father of Robert Lutolf
Beverly Miller July 20, 2010 Sister of Marvin Diamond
David Howard Miller July 14 Son of Irwin & Judy Miller
Billy Stewart Morgan July 08, 2010 Father of Lee Morgan Brown
Joseph Newfield July 01 Father of Susan Goldstein
Lee Rather July 01 Father of Pat Rather
Harvey Rooks July 04, 2004 Father of Ben Rooks
Mary Segal July 11, 2000 Mother of Sally Brian
Shirl Shender July 10, 1976 Aunt of Maxine Gordon
Herman Stearn July 07, 1954 Grandfather of David Stearn
Herman Stearn July 15, 1954 Grandfather of Heidi Stearn
Kalman Steiman July 10, 1939 Grandfather of Muriel Robbins
Joseph Weiner July 01 Grandfather of Gwen Watson

Kaddish Prayer

Yahrzeit Donations
Jewish people place great value on the customs and traditional practices relating to remembrance. Observances such as Yahrzeit, Kaddish and Yizkor have, for centuries, linked each generation with those that have gone before, and bound the Jewish people with their history. If you would like to remember your loved one by donating to the Yahrzeit Fund, Please click here and fill out the PDF form.

Contact Information
Congregation Shir Shalom
252 W. Spain Street
Sonoma, CA 95476
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Phone: 707-935-3636
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