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Name Date Relative
Helen Alper November 06, 1966 Mother of Amy Alper
Louis M. Bunis November 17, 1989 Grandfather of Bruce Goldstein
Ruth Cooper November 18, 2019 Mother of Eileen Greenberg
Arthur Cooperstein November 08, 1975 Grandfather of Karen Garber Stephens
Helen Damon November 07, 2004 Sister of Richard Meyers
Marvin Diamond November 18, 2017 Father of Julie Diamond Grandfather of Sasha
George Figur November 11 Uncle to Helena Friedmann
Gladys Figur November 14 Aunt to Helena Friedmann
Willy Hass November 01, 2009 Uncle of Daniel Sondheim
Geraldine Hilton November 24, 2006 Mother of Leslie Wiener
Sylvia Insel November 24, 1970 Mother of Barbara Insel
Bernie Kaplan November 15, 1969 Father of Ross Kaplan
George Katz November 22, 1984 Father of David Katz
James Howard Levine November 21, 1962 Brother of Susan Levine
Merle T. Levine November 19, 2009 Father of Susan Jebrock
Stephen Levine November 08, 1986 Cousin of Avram Goldman
Ben Lipson November 08, 1996 Father of Michael Lipson
Dora Malakoff November 11, 1970 Grandmother of Sharon Malakoff
Stan Malakoff November 23, 2008 Brother of Sharon Malakoff
Eugene Miller November 07, 1991 Father of Irwin Miller
Morris Neiman November 04, 2004 Father of Maddy Leader
Inge Rather November 03, 2009 Stepmother of Pat Rather
Wade Rollins November 15, 2002 Father of Tony Rollins
Sheila Rosner November 13, 2009 Wife of Leonard Rosner
Ruby Samson November 22 Father of Frank Samson
Richard Solarez November 25, 2004 Father of Maria Solarez

Kaddish Prayer

Yahrzeit Donations
Jewish people place great value on the customs and traditional practices relating to remembrance. Observances such as Yahrzeit, Kaddish and Yizkor have, for centuries, linked each generation with those that have gone before, and bound the Jewish people with their history. If you would like to remember your loved one by donating to the Yahrzeit Fund, Please click here and fill out the PDF form.



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